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Previous Competition Entries
Currently this gallery only displays images from the digital competitions. We are working on also displaying digital versions of the print submissions. 

Rawlinson Trophy

No holds barred competition, with a set subject. This time around, the theme was 'Creatures (not human)'. Each entrant submitted 2x images. 

Two swans, Head shot, Nature photography. Natural history photography. Photography.
Nature photography. Garden bird. Leaving birdhouse. Potography.
Leopard in the wild drinking at a watering hole. Photography. Nature. Natural history. Wildlife.

1st Place - Gill Grub - You Are Disturbing My Drink [above]

2nd Place - Tim Miller - Two Of A Kind [far left]

3rd Place - Carolyn Chapman -Will I Fly Or Will I Fall [left]

Gordon Manley Trophy

Hopefully this will make sense. We set four subjects, and the photographer can choose any three of them. They will then submit two photos for each of their three chosen themes. This years themes were 1: Texture -- 2: Gigantic -- 3: Mechanical -- 4: Atmosphere

 The scores for all six images (per tog) are totalled and the overall score per photographer is how the final order is decided.

1st - Karen O'reilly [left]

2nd - Gill Grubb [right]

Equal 3rd [below L>R]

Andy Smith, Peter Frost, Andy Madrecki, Tim Miller