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Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 

This exhibition is truly amazing. It transcends a mere photograph of the sky, it will transport you around our solar system and beyond. Entries are from seasoned photographers, those new to astro photography and also a young photographer category. Exhibitions like this will also make you realise and consider how attainable photographing the extraordinary can be. This is hosted at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (London).

Click the planet for more info.

There is a fee for the Astronomy Photographer exhibition, but while at the maritime museum you can also view some sea faring photography. This is in one of the free galleries so it is like a buy one get one free offer. 

Have a click on the anchor, and see if it floats your boat.

Holga Week

What is a Holga... well, it's one of those Marmite cameras. It is cheap, plastic, medium format film and has basic functions. If this sounds like a tasty treat then click below and enjoy (X marks the spot). If you're not into plastic fantastic photography, it's probably best to click something else and preserve your sanity.


Well, who knew... Quite a few people apparently, as there seems to be a whole hashtag thingy going on. Not only is the first week of October Holga week (see above), but the whole month is actually dedicated to analogue/film shooting. There is no dedicated website to speak of, but if you just pop #filmtober in to your social media search bar, or just filmtober in to google/bing/yahoo or whatever, then you will be rewarded with an abundance of posts, tweets, polls, images and more.

 So why are you still looking at this, go... go now #filmtober

(sponsored and supported by Ilfordphoto and AG Photographic lab)

Hero crop - Badwater Milky Way by Abhijit Patil - Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022
exposure_photographers_collage copy.jpg
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