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This page is to celebrate and share the successes of our members on their endeavours outside of Crayford Camera Cub. As a club, one of our goals is to encourage, help and advise our members as they enjoy their craft outside of the envelope of Crayford CC membership. When our members do enjoy success, we are rightly happy for them and want to share the joy.


We would like to say a big well done and congratulations to our friend and fellow club member Andy Smith. Andy has entered the Landscape Photographer Of The Year national competition a few times, and has previously been shortlisted and published in the official book and included in the travelling exhibition... This year however, Andy has WON the top spot in the cityscape category. Andy will again have his image published in the book,  of which he received a copy (signed by Charlie Waite), and his image will again be included as category champion in the exhibition which travels nationwide. All images, including a rather splendid cityscape entry, can be viewed at the official website ( along with details of the exhibition dates and venues.

Please see our news tab for touring exhibition details and a peek at the image.

23-11-26 receiving CPAGB award c.jpg

Well Done Gill Grubb - CPAGB

Gill recently had a trip up to Smethwick to face a panel of six judges. She took with her a panel of ten images, and had to get an average mark of 20. Gills accumulated total over all ten images was 221, so she is now officially....

Gill Grubb CPAGB and has received an APM (award for photographic merit).

 This is awarded by the PAGB.

 Gills submitted panel of images are viewable below. Click the image for a larger view.

 The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) is a membership organisation that co-ordinates activities for photographic Clubs in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland (including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

01-Night Time Drink
02-Don't Mess With Me
03-Buffalo With an Oxpecker
04-Eastbourne Pier in Blue Hour
05-Keeping Quiet
06-Jackals in the Kalahari
08-Leopard Alert While Drinking
09-Time Traveller
10-Lapping Leopard at Night
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